Alliance - Social Economics

What is a Social Economic's Alliance

An alliance requires the highest degree of commitment and investment of time and resources. This means that we are committed to supporting each other to achieve the goals of the organization; working together, listening to the needs of the stakeholders and collaborating on ways we can better serve them and improve organizational health; socially, financially, spiritually and missionally.

DTR (Define the Relationship)

This is an initial three month contractual agreement.

Each week (at approximately the same time), we will come to your facility and spend approximately an hour taking pictures and capturing video clips relevant to telling your organization’s story. During this time we will work with staff, getting testimonials, shoot short infomercials, and gather information useful for building the organization’s social economy.

We will create content that supports existing branding (or help develop new branding) across all of the social media platforms (your logo, icons, backgrounds, description of the org., vision, mission, location, contact info, etc.)

We will create the content to build your social economy and set it up as a steady stream to your different social media channels; telling your story, starting discussion and increasing engagement with your organization.

We will work with your web designer/department to integrate new content into your website.

We will set up (or manage an existing) automated social media population (status updating) system for all of your social media channels that you will have ownership of even after our agreement ends.

Depending on scheduling and availability, we will make every effort to attend special events and activities (in place of our weekly scheduled time) to capture stories and testimonies.

Your organization will have full copyright/royalty free use of the content that we create to use for other campaigns and promotional materials.

This service includes

     *  Travel time

     *  Shooting time

     *  Training time

     *  Gathering information through surveys and interviews

     *  Setting up times to meet with people

     *  Editing and processing videos and digital images

     *  Setting up the “push” system to get the content out to the internet

     *  Daily status updates or “tweets”

     *  Uploading and organizing the videos and images

     *  Keyword research

     *  Tagging content for search engine optimization

     *  Videos transcription

     *  Content management - Easy/secure online access to digital files

Cost of this service ranges from $1,500 - $2,000/mo.

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